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We would like to highlight that the conference app for the Göttingen Meeting 2023 is available now. The app works in addition to and in conjunction with the proven itinerary planner on our website.

With the app you can

  • set up an individual schedule for a fruitful and smooth participation in the conference
  • contact other attendees (see Interactive > Speakers and Participants Chat; this feature works only if notifications etc. are allowed by you), i.e. to find colleagues or ask for a date for a poster discussion outside the official poster sessions
  • find floor plans with the poster areas and the exact location of the commercial partners

For logins you can use your email and password as for our website (you received it with the confirmation email after your successful registration for the Göttingen Meeting) or you create a new login. 


You can download the app in your

PLEASE NOTE: This app is not collecting any personal data. It will need access to your internal storage to download the app content onto your device. If you allow access to your camera, you can send images to the app timeline or your chat partners. If you allow location services, you can use this app to navigate to the event location. The app will not share any location data with anybody, all location information will only be used locally on your device and not sent to any server. If you have any questions regarding the app data policy and privacy, please feel free to contact us.


The app also contains our meeting evaluation form (see Interactive > Feedback). We would like to invite you to participate in this survey and to help us to further improve the Göttingen Meetings. You can record your answers by pressing the "Save" button, i.e. you can return to the survey and update, change or continue your evaluation whenever you like.
Before finishing the survey you can choose whether you want to participate in a draw for an iPad!

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