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Plenary Lectures

Opening Lecture
Sarah Tabrizi (London, UK)
Moleculare therapies for Huntingtons Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases

Translational Neuroscience Lecture of the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation
Angela Vincent (Oxford, UK)
Clinical and experimental studies of autoantibodies to CNS membrane receptors and associated proteins: many questions still unanswered
Hertie Foundation Lecture
David Keays (Vienna, Austria)
The search for the magnetosensors in pigeons
Norbert Elsner Lecture
Paul H. Taghert (St. Louis, USA)
How the fly brain encodes time
Armin Schram Lecture
Marlene Bartos (Freiburg, Germany)
Emergence of memory engrams in the hippocampus
Ernst Florey Lecture
Brenda Eskenazi (Berkeley, USA)
The impact of organopesticides on mental health
Otto Creutzfeldt Lecture
Nanna MacAulay (Copenhagen, Denmark)
The elusive mechanisms of CSF secretion - we know so much, but understand so little


34 symposia have been selected by the program committee. Up to two short communications from student participants will be added to the list of speakers after the deadline for registration. Student participants can apply for giving a short communication in the symposia while submitting their poster abstract. The symposium organizers will select the student talks from these abstracts. In addition, student participants can apply for a talk in one of the two Breakling News Sessions.

Advanced optics for neuroscience
Organized by: Lauterbach, Marcel (Homburg)
Speakers: Emiliani, Valentina (Paris, France); Hell, Stefan (Göttingen); Lauterbach, Marcel (Homburg); Nägerl, Valentin (Bordeaux, France)

Challenges in autism: beyond species and brain regions – common mechanisms for neuronal dysfunction?
Organized by: Böckers, Tobias M. (Ulm); Le, Kim Chi (Aachen)
Speakers: Parma, Valentina (Philadelphia, USA); Schmid, Susanne (London, Canada); Soba, Peter (Hamburg); Yizhar, Ofer (Rehovot, Israel)

Emerging views on microglia and oligodendrocytes in Alzheimer's disease
Organized by: Nave, Klaus-Armin (Göttingen)
Speakers: Haass, Christian (München); Depp, Constanze (Göttingen); Karadottir, Ragnhildur (Cambridge); Heneka, Michael (Bonn)

FAIR data management and data sharing in neuroscience

Organized by: Kühn, Esther (Magdeburg); Scherberger, Hansjörg (Göttingen)
Speakers: Grün, Sonja (Jülich); Hanke, Michael (Düsseldorf); Kremkow, Jens (Berlin); Martone, Maryann (La Jolla, USA)

From sensation to action: shaping neuronal representations during learning
Organized by: Pakan, Janelle (Magdeburg)
Speakers: Ammer, Julian (Edinburgh, UK); Dityatev, Alexander (Magdeburg); Mikulovic, Sanja (Bonn); Pakan, Janelle (Magdeburg)

Gene and cell based therapies to counteract neuroretinal degeneration (SPP2127)
Organized by: Hauck, Stefanie (Neuherberg); Stieger, Knut (Giessen)
Speakers: Ader, Marius  (Dresden); Harmening, Wolf  (Bonn); Hauck, Stefanie  (Neuherberg); Michalakis, Stylianos  (München)

Genetic and environmental aspects in chronic pain (SFB1158)
Organized by: Mauceri, Daniela (Heidelberg); Tost, Heike (Mannheim)
Speakers: Eippert, Falk (Leipzig); Mauceri, Daniela (Heidelberg); Tost, Heike (Mannheim); Üçeyler, Nurcan (Würzburg)

Genetic and environmental factors shaping neuronal network defects and cognitive impairment
Organized by: Häussler, Ute (Freiburg); Sauer, Jonas-Frederic (Freiburg)
Speakers: Fisher, Elizabeth (London, UK); Hanganu-Opatz, Ileana (Hamburg); Schulz, Jan (Basel, Switzerland); Sigurdsson, Torfi (Frankfurt/M.)

Hypothalamic neuron-glial network in obesity and type 2 diabetes
Organized by: García-Cáceres , Cristina (Neuherberg); Yi, Chun-Xia (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Speakers: Cota, Daniela (Bordeaux, France); Steculorum, Sophie (Cologne); Verkhratsky, Alexei (Manchester, UK); Yi, Chun-Xia (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Modulation and plasticity of inhibition in neocortical circuits
Organized by: Busse, Laura (Planegg-Martinsried); Letzkus, Johannes (Frankfurt/M.)
Speakers: Barkat, Tania (Basel, Switzerland); Letzkus, Johannes (Frankfurt/M. ); Staiger, Jochen (Göttingen); Veit, Julia (Freiburg)

MultiSenses – MultiScales: deciphering neural processing in multisensory integration
Organized by: Kampa, Bjoern (Aachen); Spehr, Marc (Aachen)
Speakers: Bremmer, Frank (Marburg); López-Bendito, Guillermina (San Juan de Alicante, Spain); Prieto-Godino, Lucia (London, UK); Silberberg, Gilad (Stockholm, Sweden)

Neuronal autophagy - implications for disease and therapy
Organized by: Behl, Christian (Mainz); Sendtner, Michael (Würzburg)
Speakers: Clement, Albrecht (Mainz); Holzbaur, Erika (Philadelphia, USA); Lüningschrör, Patrick (Würzburg); Nixon, Ralph (New York, USA)

Neuronal circuit mechanisms of socio-sexual behavior
Organized by: Lenschow, Constanze (Lisbon, Portugal); Simonnet, Jean (Berlin)
Speakers: Kohl, Johannes (London, UK); Lima, Susana (Lisbon, Portugal); Lenschow, Constanze (Lisbon, Portugal); Simonnet, Jean (Berlin)

Odor spaces: from odor molecules to behavior
Organized by: Schmuker, Michael (Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK); Silke, Sachse (Jena)
Speakers: Couzin-Fuchs, Einat (Konstanz); Hansson, Bill S. (Jena); Schmuker, Michael (Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK); Sharpee, Tatyana (La Jolla, USA)

Odors and metabolism - neuromodulation in sensory processing
Organized by: Grunwald Kadow, Ilona (Freising); Rothermel, Markus (Aachen)
Speakers: Egger, Veronica (Regensburg); Riera, Celine (Los Angeles, USA); Vogt, Katrin (Cambridge, USA); Wright, Geraldine (Oxford, UK)

Optical imaging to assess the plasticity function of sleep
Organized by: Born, Jan (Tübingen); Niethard, Niels (Tübingen)
Speakers: Adamantidis, Antoine (Bern, Switzerland); Gan, Wen-Biao (New York, USA); Niethard, Niels (Tübingen); Seibt, Julie (Surrey , UK)

Post-translational modifications of proteome in neuronal development
Organized by: Ambrozkiewicz, Mateusz (Berlin); Tarabykin, Victor (Berlin)
Speakers: Ambrozkiewicz, Mateusz (Berlin); Brockmann, Marisa (Berlin); Gupton, Stephanie (Chapel Hill, USA); Vogl, Annette (South San Francisco, USA)

Principles of decision-making across species
Organized by: Jovanic, Tihana (Gif-sur-Yvette, France); Schleyer, Michael (Magdeburg)
Speakers: Fernandes, Miguel (Martinsried); Marquez Vega, Cristina (San Juan de Alicante, Spain); Ribeiro, Carlos (Lisbon, Portugal); Thura, David (Bron, France)

Regulation of synaptic vesicle recycling: from physiology to disease
Organized by: Fejtova, Anna (Erlangen)
Speakers: Fassio, Anna (Genova, Italy); Fejtova, Anna (Erlangen); Rizzoli, Silvio (Göttingen); Roy, Subhojit (La Jolla, USA)

Revealing the evolutionary trajectory of the first nervous systems: genomics, structure and dynamics
Organized by: Burkhardt, Pawel (Bergen, Norway); Wolf, Fred (Göttingen)
Speakers: Dupre, Christophe (Cambridge, USA); Hernandez Nicaise, Mari-Luz (Nice, France); Memmesheimer, Raoul-Martin (Bonn); Varoqueaux, Frederique (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Same, same but different – Emergence of individuality in the nervous system (jNWG Symposium)
Organized by: Maraslioglu, Ayse (Kaiserslautern); Ritzau-Jost, Andreas (Leipzig)
Speakers: Bierbach, David (Berlin); Bogado Lopes, Jadna (Dresden); Fayad, Sophie (Paris, France); Linneweber, Gerit (Paris, France)

Sino-German joint symposium on cutting-edge neurotechnology in behavioral and systems neuroscience
Organized by: Fries, Pascal (Frankfurt/M.); Wang, Liping (Shenzhen, China)
Speakers: Chen, Xiaowei (Chongqing, China); Fries, Pascal (Frankfurt/M.); Hegemann, Peter (Berlin); Li, Yulong (Beijing, China)

Sound processing, adaptation, and perception in the auditory system – from midbrain to cortical networks
Organized by: Hirtz, Jan (Kaiserslautern); Rosskothen-Kuhl, Nicole (Freiburg)
Speakers: King, Andrew (Oxford, UK); Malmierca , Manuel Sánchez  (Salamanca, Spain); Pecka, Michael (Planegg-Martinsried); Rosskothen-Kuhl, Nicole (Freiburg)

Store-operated calcium entry in neurons and glia
Organized by: Niemeyer, Barbara (Homburg); Kirchhoff, Frank (Homburg)
Speakers: Garaschuk, Olga (Tübingen); Niemeyer, Barbara (Homburg); Prakriya, Murali (Chicago, USA); Schwarz, Yvonne (Homburg)

Structure and dynamics of inhibitory synapses in health and disease
Organized by: Barberis, Andrea (Genova, Italy); Werner, Christian (Würzburg)
Speakers: Petrini, Enrica (Genova, Italy); Specht, Christian G. (Paris, France); Villmann, Carmen (Würzburg); Werner, Christian (Würzburg)

Tanycytes – walk between worlds
Organized by: Prevot, Vincent (Lille, France); Schwaninger, Markus (Lübeck)
Speakers: Brüning, Jens (Köln); Duquenne, Manon  (Lille, France); Langlet, Fanny (Lausanne, Switzerland); Nogueiras, Ruben (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

The choice is yours: multicircuit regulation of motivated behaviors

Organized by: Gogolla, Nadine (München); Korotkova, Tatiana (Köln)
Speakers: Gogolla, Nadine (München); Korotkova, Tatiana (Cologne); Lammel, Stephan (Berkeley, USA); Mameli, Manuel (Lausanne, Switzerland)

The entorhinal micronetwork – how connectivity determines function

Organized by: Draguhn, Andreas (Heidelberg); Egorov, Alexei V. (Heidelberg)
Speakers: Cappaert, Natalie L.M. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Egorov, Alexei V. (Heidelberg); Sürmeli, Gülsen (Edinburgh, UK); Witter, Menno P. (Øya, Norway)

The impact of the immune system on psychiatric disorders (DGPPN Symposium)

Organized by: Heinz, Andreas (Berlin) and Ludolph, Albert (Ulm)
Speakers: Regen-Hellmann, Julian (Berlin); Wolf, Susanne (Berlin); Gold, Stefan (Berlin); Köhler, Stephan (Berlin)

The undiscovered country – plasticity in the enteric nervous system
Organized by: Mozzuoli-Weber, Gemma (Hannover); Neckel, Peter (Tübingen)
Speakers: Boesmans, Werend (Maastricht, The Netherlands); Bondurand, Nadege (Creteil Cedex, France); Mozzuoli-Weber, Gemma (Hannover); Neckel, Peter (Tübingen)

Tools for the future of synaptic neuroscience: superresolution imaging meets artificial intelligence (SFB1286)

Organized by: Moser, Tobias (Göttingen); Rizzoli, Silvio (Göttingen); Steinem, Claudia (Göttingen)
Speakers: Choquet, Daniel (Bordeaux, France); Cox, Susan (London, UK); Lavoie-Cardinal, Flavie (Quebec, Canada); Sauer, Markus (Würzburg)

Translational aspects in neurological diseases: from pathophysiology to new therapeutic approaches (DGN Symposium)
Organized by: Linke, Ralf (Regensburg); Bähr, Mathias (Göttingen)
Speakers: Geis, Christian (Jena); Ellrichmann, Gisa (Bochum); Höglinger, Günter (Hannover); Wilke, Melanie (Göttingen)

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