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Grant winners 2021

The following young researchers successfully applied for a grant to participate in the virtual Göttingen Meeting 2021 of the German Neuroscience Society (March 22 – 30). Registration fee for those participants is waived:

1.      Aksan, Bahar (Heidelberg, Germany)
2.      Anisimova, Margarita (Hamburg, Germany)
3.      Armasescu, Florian-Vintila (Bucharest, Romania)
4.      Bicakci, Ahmet (Magdeburg, Germany)
5.      Bica-Popi, Melania (Bucharest, Romania)
6.      Constantin, Oana M. (Hamburg, Germany)
7.      de Tredern, Eloïse (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
8.      DeMaegd, Margaret Louise (Normal, USA)
9.      Folschweiller, Shani (Freiburg, Germany)
10.    Ghenghea, Mihail-Sebastian (Bucharest, Romania)
11.    Grosu, Andreea-Violeta (Bucharest, Romania)
12.    Kleis, Piret (Freiburg, Germany)
13.    Kocovic, Dušica M. (Belgrade, Serbia)
14.    Lange, Sven (Bonn, Germany)
15.    Lehman, Maxime (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
16.    Liedtke, Maik (Rostock, Germany)
17.    Mahishi, Deepthi (Leipzig, Germany)
18.    Menne, Laura (Hannover, Germany)
19.    Milicevic, Katarina (Beograd, Serbia)
20.    Pierzchlinska, Anna (Szczecin, Poland)
21.    Rodrigues Neves, Ana Catarina (Coimbra, Portugal)
22.    Scharr, Melanie (Tübingen, Germany)
23.    Schmaul, Samantha (Mainz, Germany)
24.    Senn, Lara (Modena, Italy)
25.    Vestring, Stefan (Freiburg, Germany)
26.    Vitale, Maria Rosaria (Würzburg, Germany)
27.    Völkner, Christin (Rostock, Germany)
28.    Wolf, Katharina (Erlangen, Germany)

Eligible were students, graduate students and young postdocs up to the age of 35 at the time of application who had registered for the meeting with an abstract as first author. The required documents were a short CV, a list of publications if applicable, a copy of the abstract and a short letter of recommendation.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

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